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Don't miss out on these adorable mummy-daughter outfit ideas

Adorable mummy-daughter outfit ideas - featured

‘To my daughter I will say “See your beauty without a compliment or a mirror”’ - Anonymous (mum)

The mother-daughter relationship is considered one of the most powerful connections in nature; the bond starts developing in the uterus and prolongs throughout their whole lives… no wonder a day without hearing your daughter’s voice puts you in a weird mood. Ah, love.

A mother will love her daughter more than she loves her own life; and this love will often come across as annoying or too much, but in the end – it’ll be just as fruitful as its intention was.

The thing is, all mothers realise that they cannot protect their daughters from the harsh, harsh world at all costs; when their gorgeous little humans grow up, they’ll have the whole world beneath their feet – to fight and conquer; but until they do – their mothers will do everything possible to make their growing up sweet, light and easy.

One of the cutest things all mothers simply love to do (it feels like an unwritten but heavily exercised rule) is dress up their daughters into the cutest outfits in the world! Obviously, photo sessions will follow, but hey – the memories that come with the whole drill are priceless. An even more adorable instance of this dressing up is when mums and their babies have matching outfits. Too adorable!

If you’re on the sweetness overload train like most of the mums we know, we’re giving you some of the cutest mummy-and-me outfit ideas you can try out.

All matchy and cute
No mother can explain it but the need to get all super cute with your baby from day one is an uncontrollable urge, an obsession. Some of them dress their newborn girls as similarly as possible to them.

And if they can get a baby carrier
 (or any other piece of baby equipment) to match the outfits – even cuter! 


baby matching ideas

Patterns, patterns, patterns

Show your immense love for prints by wearing a matching pattern outfit with your daughter; all kids look adorable in patterns but when coordinated with their mums – the whole ideas get an even cuter vibe.

Hey, you don’t even need to wear the same dress-model. For instance, the daughter can wear an A-line dress designed in the pattern of your choosing, while you can wear a tight patterned dress or a maxi dress, in the same pattern. Not a fan of skirts or dresses? Show up in a tailored suit instead.

mother and patterns

Colour-Block drama
Your mini-me matching outfits may as well follow some of the the most fashionable currently trending drifts on the runways.

Create unique, yet similar outfits for your daughter and you by using the versatility of colour block and applying it to your purpose.

A good place to start is a simple black and white combination, but bolder combinations always take the spotlight. Think pink and orange, blue and yellow, white and yellow, etc.

Don’t go fully coordinated; e.g. mummy – pink blouse and yellow leggings, daughter – orange tunic and blue skirt.

mummy and daughter black and white

Customised Tees
Customised tees are the cutest thing ever, especially when both mummies and daughters are wearing them.

Choose from a number of already fashioned prints or go custom-made; from cute and simple “Best mom/daughter ever”, “Mummy” and “Daughter” combos to custom-made “Boss Mum” and “Boss daughter”, “My Queen” – “My Princess”, “She’s mine”, etc. shirts, you can explore a wide variety of options and enjoy every second of them!

mum and daughter tshirts

Casually Coordinated

When you’re dressing up, it doesn’t really have to be for a special occasion; a simple stroll down to the city centre, a drink with friends, your daughter’s playdate… you name it!

Simple, fail-proof combos like a pair of jeans and a cotton tee always work, so no need to worry too much. To upgrade a look, add a cute accessory like a hair ornament, a bracelet or necklace in the same pattern, and you’re done! 

mummy and daughter casual

Love the time you’re spending with your bundle of joy and turn it into a gorgeous, fashionable adventure. You’ll love the memories (and the photos)!

Zara (1)-817-899Zara Lewis (Twitter: @ZaraELewis) is a mom, designer and a regular contributor to, devoted to implementing healthy life habits in every aspect of life of her.

She looks for beauty in everything that surrounds her. And will start a blog about it one day. Until then writes in her diary occasionally.

Romantic soul and tech geek in one 
body. She enjoys hiking, cycling, yoga and cooking.


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