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Have a look through these inspiring children's bedrooms to get the latest ideas and trends on how to decorate your child's bedroom or nursery. From boy's bedrooms with style and girl's bedrooms with class, these kids bedrooms will certainly give you some decorating ideas!
Interiors - ideas for your children's bedroom

Boy's Bedroom Interior Decorating IdeasKids bedroom art ideas


Here are some of the loveliest bedroom art ideas that we've seen recently - and you don't have to spend a fortune! 
> Kids bedroom art ideas

Boy's Bedroom Interior Decorating Ideas​Boys Bedroooms


If you want inspiration on how to decorate your boy's bedroom, then look no further than these boys bedrooms.
> Boy's Bedrooms

Hibou Home Wallpaper and Fabric for Children​​Hibou Home Wallpaper

Super Stylish

Offering a range of children's wallpaper and fabrics, Hibou Home is on a mission to bring your kids' bedrooms up to date.
> Hibou Home Wallpaper

Georgie's Room - Interior Design Ideas for Little Girls Bedroom​Georgie's Room

Fresh Feeling

The Dutch interior designer Ursula's obvious love of children's interior design shows through in this beautifully styled little girl's bedroom.
> Georgie's Room

Duvet Covers for Girls​Girls Duvets

Out top picks

Add a splash of something special to your girl's bedroom with one of our top picks of girls duvet covers available in NZ.
> Duvet Covers Girls

Best Indoor PlaysetsBest Indoor Playsets

Worthy of Dreams

These stunning wooden indoor playsets from Cedar Works in the US are the stuff that kids' dreams are made of.
> Best Indoor Playsets

Debate: TVs in kids bedroomsDebate: TVs in Bedrooms

Should Kids have TVs?

With a report out saying kids with TVs in their rooms are more likely to get fat, let us know your thoughts on TVs in bedrooms.
> Debate: TVs in Bedrooms


Fun Kids Bathrooms

LAUFEN are making bath time fun with florakids, their stunning and bright range of kids bathrooms.
> florakids

Edie's NurseryEdie's Nursery

Charley Harper Prints

Inspired by Charley Harper's art, this little girl's nursery is centred around a collection of the famed artists prints.
> Edie's Nursery

Twin BedsTwin Beds

No Bunk Beds

If you have the space to avoid bunk beds, then these shared kids rooms with twin beds have some great decor ideas.
> twin beds

Giraffe Themed NurseryGiraffe Nursery

Superbly Styled Boy's Nursery

White on white with added interest from the giraffes, this is a beautifully styled little boy's nursery.
> read more

Best Children's WallpaperHot Wallpaper

The Coolest Wallpaper around

The current trend in children's wallpaper isn't slowing down, so we pick our favourites around at the moment.
> read more

Decorating Ideas - Penelope's RoomPenelope's Room

Hand me down heaven

With a beautiful mix of second hand and new furniture and colours that pop, Penelope's room has a genuine brightness.
> read more

Best PlayroomsBest Playrooms

Playrooms To Dream Of

We've picked out some of the most inspiring children's playrooms - if only our messy kids would keep their rooms tidy!
> read more

Duvet Covers for Boy's BedsBoy's Duvet Covers

No Cartoon Characters Here.

Boys often get the short straw when it comes to clothing and decor, but no longer in the realm of duvet covers.
> read more

Fun and funky Night LightsNight Lights

No longer simple white boxes

From bunny lights to colourful birds, stopping things going bump in the night has never been so much fun.
> read more

Twin Girls Shared NurseryTwin Girls Nursery

Shared Rooms

This gorgeous little bedroom for twin girls has some beautiful space-enhancing ideas.
> read more

Shared Boys BedroomShared Boys Bedroom

Black and White

Super stylish and perfectly balanced, this shared boys bedroom serves up the ultimate inspiration for interior ideas.
> read more

Get This LookGet This Look

Gorgeous Girl's Bedroom

Like this look? We've searched out 12 items that will help transform your little girl's bedroom...
> read more

Shared Girls BedroomShared Girls Bedroom

Space saving ideas

This gorgeous shared girls bedroom is not only super stylish, it also makes the best out of a small space.
> read more

Stripey Nursery Decorating IdeasStripey Walls

Paint and wallpaper

Add a stylish element to your baby's nursery with painted or wallpapered stripey walls...
> read more

Gender Neutral nurseryGender Neutral

For when you just don't know

Check out this nursery for how to decorate your nursery when you don't know what sex your latest arrival will be...
> read more

Hydrangea Themed Girl's NurseryHydrangea Theme

Flower Themed Nursery

Set around a stunning wallpaper, this little girl's nursery with a hydrangea theme is beautifully serene...
> read more

Beckham NurseryBaby Beckham's Nursery

Simple yet Stylish

Wanting a preppy style, Kristin delivered a great look in a small space for her little boy's bedroom.
> read more

Lila's Chevron NurseryLila's Chevron Nursery

Pink and White Chevrons

Chevrons are so in at the moment - and this nursery is the perfect way to style them.

> read more

Marie-Nicols-110Girl & Boy Shared Room

No more sibling rivalry

At least not in the interior design space......

> read more

Shared-Boys-110Shared Boys Bedroom

Orange and airplanes

I recently moved my little ones into the same bedroom......

> read more

Baby-E-Nursery-110Baby E’s Modern, Bird Inspired Nursery

Here birdy birdy...

I love the way the orange and teal accents pop in this nursery......

> read more

Giacomo-Nursery-110Giacomo’s Yellow & Grey Nursery

Love lives here

More chevron, more yellow and grey......

> read more

Paavos-Room-110Paavo’s Bright & Playful Room

Vintage, 2nd hand

This room is proof that simple, vintage and 2nd hand can pull together......

> read more

Gus-Nursery-110Gus’ Yellow & Grey Nursery

Balanced perfection

In my eyes, this room is perfect......

> read more

Levis-Room-110Levi’s Colourful Room

Orange and Blue Nursery

Would you believe this mobile is a DIY job?  Amazing isn’t it?......

> read more

Londons Playroom 110London’s Playroom

London in Tennessee

I read a lot of the American sites, and for the most part, the styles and themes......

> read more

Cafe-Boo-Bah-Lego-Playroom-110Cafe Boo Bah

Lego Playroom!

This isn’t in a house, but it is a playroom, and it was simply too amazing......

> read more

A&B Nursery 110Benjamin’s Nursery

A fresh, calm space

Adriane of the A&B Stories created this amazing nursery for her son......

> read more

Elins Room 110Elin’s Room

Happy colours

Elin is sister of Annie, who’s room we featured yesterday......

> read more
Annies Room 110

Annie’s Room

Pink inspiration from Sweden

Love swedish style?  Get ready to turn completely green with envy......

> read more

Arleigha’s Room

For the love of pink

Here at babybites we love nothing more than receiving photos......

> read more

Madison’s Room

Love tweet love

Earlier in the week we featured Georgia’s Nursery......

> read more

Georgia’s Nursery

Print perfect

Babybites reader and mum of Georgia (Charlotte from Presse-Papiers)......

> read more

Ohdeedoh Smaller Cooler Contest

Super small and super stylish

If you need proof that a closet, corner, nook or cranny can...

> read more

Della’s Room

Fun, fun, fun!

Apparently this room has been done over since these photos...

> read more

Pom Le Bonhomme Nursery

The ultimate in French style

I love it when my friend google manages to find me an extra special...

> read more

Finn’s Montessori Room

For the child

The Montessori philosophy is one that is hard to explain...

> read more

Henry’s Nursery

Here birdy birdy

I spotted this awesome bird mobile over on Flickr and couldn’t resist...

> read more

Rex’s Superhero Room

Move over Batman

There’s a new batcave in town, and it certainly is an enviable one...

> read more

The Rainbow House AB Rogers Design

A Magical Oasis

The Rainbow House is a magical oasis on a busy road filled...

> read more

Moses and Roman's Closet

Two kids in a closet…

In the past, growing up in New Zealand has meant a quarter acre section...

> read more

Mikko’s Dino Room

The land before time

For regular babybites readers, this room may look a tad familiar...

> read more

Sabers Dr Suess Nursery


Labor of love doesn’t even begin to describe the effort that...

> read more

The Happy Home Playhouse

The Grugly House

Ok, I know this isn’t a nursery, but it IS a kids space, and one so...

> read more

Maeve’s Nursery

Tutti Frutti

Bright colours against a dark grey base make this nursery a bright...

> read more

Spectreman’s Corner Nursery

Within arms reach

Here’s a little inspiration for those of you with limited space...

> read more

Blake's Room

A little McZany

You asked for it, we deliver.  A real room from a real NZ family...

> read more

Minor Details Indoor Treehouse


That it has taken me so long to bring this funky little design to you...

> read more

The Bumper Crop

Three boys, one room

So what exactly do you do when you have three boys...

> read more

Winston's Nursery

Design Star

While some days it seems we are inundated...

> read more

Graham's Nursery

A gorgeous transformation

This room was transformed from a dark and dreary...

> read more

Parker's Nursery

Black and white beauty

I spotted this beauty on Ohdeedoh quite a while back...

> read more

Nursery Trend


> read more

Keely & Taj's Room

The little people room in the Little Pinwheel house

I’ve really been wanting to feature a fresh and clean...

> read more

Loren's Room

A Birdy Room for chickie dee Loren

I recently finished my baby’s room – nine months after...

> read more

Kasper's Room

Scandinavian Inspiration

Kasper Gibson is one lucky boy...  with a mix of old and new...

> read more

Seth's, Winter's & Indie's Rooms

Unique styling

What happens when you mix a little bit of UK style with a touch of NZ...

> read more

Kate Dixon's Circus Room

Roll up, roll up!

Completely kitted out, working ferris wheel for the toys included...

> read more

Aspen's Room

Casa Magoolie

Multicoloured fun thanks to a crafty mum...

> read more

Max's Nursery

Elephant Parade

Styled gorgeous?  Absolutely.

> read more
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