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Lalaloopsy party

Lalaloopsy Party

The first weekend in May is always party time for my best big girl and this year's theme was Lalaloopsy! Lots of children love Lalaloopsy and the bright colours and funky characters make it perfect for a birthday party theme. So here's how I created a Lalaloopsy party for my daughter's special day. 
To get started, I created a flat lay of colours and patterns around the invitation that I wanted to run with at the party.  It was my inspiration to refer back to while I pulled everything together.
Lalaloopsy Party
We hosted the party at a venue this year, which presented some unique challenges but I was well organised and kept things simple so it all worked out really well.
For the main table I created an easy button backdrop from cheap plain and polka dot paper plates and stickered them with black dots.  They were really quick and easy to bluetack up behind the trestle table.
Lalaloopsy Party

Lalaloopsy Party
The centrepiece was the birthday cake I made - a really simple madeira cake covered with white fondant with a trail of heart and circle fondant buttons.
Lalaloopsy party

Lalaloopsy party

Lalaloopsy party
Behind the cake, I framed an enlargement of the party invitation.  I decorated each end of the table with house-shaped shadow boxes, mini Lalaloopsy dolls and balls of wool plus the custom party hat I made on a small cake stand and glass milk bottles with candy sticks which were part of the kids' goodie bags.
Lalaloopsy party

Lalaloopsy party

Lalaloopsy party
To keep things simple and easy with the food, I made each of the kids their own little lunchbox.  It is one of my favourite ideas ever.  Little kids don't actually eat that much at parties at all so this way nothing goes to waste.  And it is so much easier than putting out platters and trays of food.
Each lunch box included a baking cup of fruit flavoured popcorn, a baking cup of grapes and blueberries, a biscuit cotton reel (a marshmallow iced between two mini hundreds and thousands biscuits), fruit puff slice and two mini heart shaped sandwiches.  So easy!
Lalaloopsy party
I stacked the lunchboxes on a white ladder shelf.
Lalaloopsy party

Lalaloopsy party
I bought a big wooden electrical cable spool off Trade Me which I painted pink and white.  I thought it looked like a giant cotton reel.  I used it to hold the water bottles and to place the cake on later when we sang sing happy birthday.
Lalaloopsy party

Lalaloopsy party
I designed the water bottle labels and printed them on A4 labels from the $2 Shop.
Lalaloopsy party
We had three activity tables for the kids to complete.  The first was to "Create-A-Lalaloopsy".  I purchased a printable Lalaloopsy outline template from Etsy.  I cut out a whole heap of dresses for everyone to choose from as well as plates of wool (for hair), buttons, pom poms and glitter to glue on so they could all create their own, unique Lalaloopsy doll.  This was a very busy, messy table!
Lalaloopsy party

The second table was to "Design-A-Necklace".  I absolutely adored seeing each of the kids (both the boys and girls!) wearing their big, bright bubble gum necklaces!
Lalaloopsy party
Maddie with her best friend (and cousin) Archie - wearing their awesome bubble gum necklaces!
Lalaloopsy party

And the third table was "Decorate-A-Cookie".  Each of the kids got their own little icing bag and a paint palette with a cookie and some sprinkles and fondant shapes.  The concentration on the kids faces while they were decorating their cookies was adorable!
Lalaloopsy party

After all those activities it was time to sing Happy Birthday.  And, there was a surprise when I cut in to the cake - rainbow polka dots!
Lalaloopsy party

Lalaloopsy party
I think I say this every year but this Lalaloopsy party was my favourite party yet!  It was so easy.  The fact that it was hosted in a hall meant everything was set up in advance, the lunchboxes meant I wasn't serving food or worrying about dishes and I got to enjoy the whole event. 
Lalaloopsy party

Invitations - Timothy Workshop
Paper Plates, Goodie Bags, Doily Hearts, Wooden Pegs - Look Sharp Store
Party Hat - Little Housewife
Candy Sticks - Hey Hey Candy
Frame - Little Housewife
Lunchboxes - Miss Mouse Boutique
White Ladder Shelf - In Stock
Decorate A Lalaloopsy Download - Design is Priceless
Bubblegum Beads - DHGate
Palettes - DHGate
Lalaloopsy Big Dolls and Lalaloopsy Tinies - Planet Fun
Beverages - Hopt Soda
pennypowerPenny Power is a blogger, baker & cook, crafter & sewer, amateur photographer, healthy lifestyler and mum. She also loves colour and parties and you can see more of her amazing parties on her website:

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