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Fruity Pineapple Flamingo Party

To celebrate our littlest love turning two I wanted to do something sweet, bright and sunny to match her happy disposition.  This is what we created for Maisie's 2nd Birthday Party - a Fruity Pineapple Flamingo ticked all the boxes!  Read on to find out exactly how this colour-poppin' party was created.  

fruit 1-862


I found these sweet little pineapple invitations at Moore Creative which they personalised and emailed to me, and I had them printed locally.

fruit 2-582

These polka dot paper bags from the $2 Shop make excellent envelopes!

fruit 3-43

And I sealed each envelope with some heart washi tape.


fruit 4-789

These two flatlays were my inspiration when shopping for supplies!

fruit 5-643
fruit 6-108

We invited all six little girls (and their parents) for the fruity flamingo morning tea party.


fruit 7-601
fruit 8-974
fruit 9-740

We served very traditional, homemade, no fuss party food - lolly slice (my specialty), marshmallow kebobs, fruit cups, vanilla cupcakes and iced cookies.



fr 10-159

I got these really cute heart shaped spoons from Look Sharp Store to go with some jelly but forgot to serve it!

fr 11-609

I found these yellow chevron party plates and polka dot napkins in the party section at Kmart for only $3 each!

fruit 4-249-690

I purchased these really cute pineapple cups from overseas for the kids to drink from and the flamingo straws were from our local $2 Store.

fruit 6-435


They had the choice of water or pineapple, apple and mint Gold Glow Juice by phd. Yum!

fruit 7-843

The birthday cake was a simple chocolate layer cake which I covered with white fondant and ombre yellow circles.  I wanted to do something really simple and this design reminded me a little of a pineapple too.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  I snuck our little pineapple Sonny Angel on top at the last minute.



The table décor was mainly set up with things I had pulled from around our house.  I already had the Moroccan trellis aqua tablecloth.  The rainbow polka dot fabric on the wall was on sale from Spotight. The honeycomb balls and pineapples were $3 each from Look Sharp Store.



The gorgeous flamingo print by Miss Jessica Leigh was a birthday present to Maisie from my sister. We already had the yellow pineapple which is from Kmart.  Also, I made Maisie a flamingo party hat which I think is my favourite party hat yet!


The awesome pineapple print is from LoCo Design. The flamingos were on sale from Living & Giving.  My clever husband knocked together the bases they are standing in.  The white pineapple is also from Kmart.



And I made a burlap banner to hang on our front gate.


For party favours we gave each of kids a pair of pineapple sunglasses and a flamingo lollipop.  Love those flamingo pops!

I hope you've enjoyed looking at the pictures of this party as much as I enjoyed creating it.  There is inspiration everywhere when you start looking!  Start with some basic colours and feature pieces like I did, and you'll be amazed at what you can come up with.





pennypowerPenny Power is a blogger, baker & cook, crafter & sewer, amateur photographer, healthy lifestyler and mum. She also loves colour and parties and you can see more of her amazing parties on her website:

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