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5 Top Nursery Trends for 2017

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The New Year is just around the corner and it brings new enthralling trends along with the plight of chillness. It is clear that 2017 will build on the experience of 2016 and prominent trends such as woods and pastels. Little one’s nests are designed with utmost love and care, but also awareness of trending styles: It is precisely this blend that gives rise to a stunning nursery transformation. Thus, we are confident that the next year will be filled with splendid and incredible trends. 

Matters of style 
Novelty trends delight those who adore minimalist lifestyle and sleek lines of modern interiors. However, this time around, the inspiration is drawn from the past: mid-century modern, vintage, and shabby chic. Now, it is important to realise that creativity is encouraged, even when it deviates from design conventions. This is to say that 2017 will be also teeming with DIY experiments when it comes to textures, patterns, and hues. Think in terms of customised furniture adorned with stickers, pendant shades, or homemade rugs, and bear in mind that design solution will revolve around originality and playfulness. 
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United colours 
There’s no doubt that the pastels were all the rage in 2016 and people still tend to add striking aesthetic touches with pastel and white hues. Still, the new trending tone palette will consist mostly of soft terracotta, pale turquoise, beige, light grey, and muted olive. At the same time, accents like natural-coloured canopies with intricate detailing and lavish trims deepen the visual dimension, and compliment centrepieces such as armchairs, antique armoires, and toy chests. And in order to spark even more visual interest, parents may opt for splashes of colour in the form of wine reds, oranges, gold, dark green, etc.

Sweet dreams 
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Cribs and cots have undergone a dynamic evolution in recent years. Modern-looking statement pieces utilise contemporary materials such as transparent acrylic and feature asymmetric and oversized looks. The aspiration to think bigger and cooler will also reflect on strollers that will carry more cargo and turn more heads in 2017. Furthermore, neutral colours like grey, black, and white are expected to dominate baby cot sets. And if you take a sneak peek at social networks, you will notice that the contrast of black and white is gaining traction across the globe, giving parents a chance to accomplish attention-grabbing design. 

Use of materials 
Another trend with a rich 2016 history, the use of natural motifs and materials, is still seen as a heart and soul of a well-designed nursery. The beauty of it is that timber toy boxes, shelves, and cribs bring about a vintage look and are essential décor elements. They will be accompanied by the soft sensation of textiles crafted from natural fibre: linen, canvas, jute, and organic cotton. While the tranquil touch of nature is visible in terms of botanical and animal prints and houseplants, the artificial splendour will be present in the form of sparkly metallic pieces. 
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Opening up 
Open-floor layouts have won accolades in 2016, and the next year will give it an amazing twist. An integrated home layout idea will merge the nurseries seamlessly with master bedrooms and living rooms. That way, parents will be able to check on their kids directly, without relying on gadgets like baby monitors. Of course, the privacy can still be preserved with mobile dividers, heavy drapes, sliding doors, shoji screens, etc.  This brings us to the last point: Practicality is high on the list of priorities in 2017, which is why multi-functional products like play mats will gain in popularity. 

A brave new nursery landscape 
A quick look into the pot of 2017 nursery design reveals new exciting trends that will make a big splash. Classic savor will works hand in hand with modern design prowess to create a unique amalgam. From soothing pastels to open-floor layout, there will be many ways to transform an ordinary-looking nursery into a sanctuary of style and comfort. So, try to stay up-to-date with new suave additions, unleash your inner designer, and put imagination to good use. The result will be nothing short of the state-of-the-art nursery. 


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