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Merino tops

I'm completely in love with merino for my kids. They all wear merino tops pretty much every day during winter! It used to be that you could only get plain merino tops and they were often in quite dull colours. But no more!! These days, you can get merino tops in every colour of the rainbow and they often have funky prints and designs. Here are some of our favourites. 

Design your own merino from CoochyCoo

merino tops
This is such a cool idea! As well as a full range of ready-made tops, the clever people at CoochyCoo let you mix and match fabrics to design your own tops. With hundreds of possible combinations, this is a great way to make your merino tops a wee bit original. 

ZeeZee merino tops 

merino tops
I'm a sucker for prints on tops and I love the range of prints on these ZeeZee tops. My favourite is the dandelion top. So cute! ZeeZee merino has a range of both prints and colours for children up to 10 years old. 

Three Bags Full merino tops 

merino tops
Another great Kiwi company making good quality merino for kids is Three Bags Full. Like ZeeZee, their tops have funky prints and a great range of colours. Don't you love this fire truck top?? With tops for girls and boys, you're bound to find something fab. 

Mokopuna Merino merino tops 

merino tops
Mokopuna merino has been making merino for kids for over 10 years. You can always be sure that Mokopuna merino is the very highest quality and it washes and wears amazingly. 

Nature Baby Merino Essentials Long Sleeve Bodytop

merino tops

Stripes make a funky change for merino tops and I'm loving these striped tops from Nature Baby. The tops actually come in 9 different prints (including a super-sweet floral) but it's the striped ones that really caught my eye. With envelope necks and made of organic wool, these are gorgeous tops! 

The Merino Locker Fox top

merino tops

Do you know someone who loves What Does the Fox Say?? Well, here's the perfect top for them! This funky little number is available in sizes up to 5. 

Where do you get merino tops for kids? We'd love to hear your suggestions! Hop over to our Facebook page and share your ideas! 

rochelle-newRochelle Gribble is the editor of and also She loves searching the Internet for beautiful things and is always keen to see the next funky fashion for kids. 


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