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Sweet Valentine's Day thoughts

Valentines Day is just around the corner.  It isn't the huge event here in NZ that it is in the US, however we can still have some fun with it without it costing the earth or becoming ultra corny.  You don't even need a Valentine of your own to take part - friends will do just fine.
Here are some fun Valentines Day ideas - from baking to crafting and even some of those free Valentine coupons!
1. Homemade sugar cookies - these look so yummy!  Great little Valentine's Day surprise, or use an alternate cookie cutter and icing colour for something completely different.
Valentine's day
2. Red Velvet Cupcakes in a Jar - OMG these look so amazing!  I seriously have to try this recipe myself.  It looks so good, it'd be a shame not to give it a go!
3. For something a little cutie cutie, try this free printable love coupon book.  Check out the rest of their website as well for loads of recipes and free printables.  Tons of fantastic ideas there.
Valentine's Day

4. This is a gorgeous idea for the little ones in your family.  Something like is sure to be treasured for years to come.  Make sure you date it so you can remember when it was done.
Valentine's Day
5. Valentines Day isn't such a big thing in NZ especially for kids.  It is in the US though, and they do tend to go for it in a big way.  If you were looking for a fairly simple, inexpensive Valentines Day idea for your kids, this is a pretty cool one.
6. Here's another free set of gorgeous looking printables, designed with kids, tweens and teens in mind.  They feature sayings such as "You Rock", "Thanks for being my BFF".
7. This one is definitely for the grown ups.  Check out these super fun, romantic "date night" ideas for Valentines Day
.Valentine's Day

8. How about a Valentine's Day Champagne Cocktail?  Yes please!
Valentine's Day
9. Or perhaps Champagne Mousse with Strawberries?  Um, yes!  This website is in Russian, you'll have to use your translator to translate it.  I just did a right click and selected "translate with bing" and an English version came up.  This looks so good and so simple, I just had to share!
Valentine's Day

10.           And finally, if you're planning to cook a wonderful meal for your Valentine, here's a link to some romantic place settings which might give you some ideas to try. 
Valentine's Day

I'm feeling inspired to try a few of these myself now.  Rather than simply purchasing a gift from a store, maybe I'll get a bit creative instead.  Hope you feel inspired to try one or two of these as well.  Happy Valentines Day!
Nicky AttridgeNicky Attridge is a busy wife and mum to two girls. She is also the creator and owner of the Chic Party Boutique. Nicky loves all things “party” and spends many an hour creating new designs and searching the internet to keep up with the latest happenings in party styling, particularly in the US.

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