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36 sugar free Easter egg fillers

sugar free easter egg fillers
It’s inevitable that with a celebrated occasion like Easter that there is A LOT of sugar on offer for the kids. It seems that there are aisles dedicated to Easter in every store, and that’s just in January! Marshmallow treats, chocolate bunnies, eggs in every size colour, flavour and favourite TV character imaginable.

They say everything in moderation so this Easter why not try reducing the sugar overload when organising your Easter egg hunt by trying some of these sugar free Easter egg alternatives. Now I’m not suggesting a completely sugar free Easter, I’m not that deluded silly enough to think that there will won't be chocolate on offer for Miss 2.5. I’m just saying there are other options out there for your Easter egg hunt which are toddler-friendly and fun.

Plastic eggs can be bought from most dollar stores and filled with relatively inexpensive treats.  Try these different ideas for each age group. 

Sugar free Easter egg fillers for babies

It’s up to you if you would like to take your little one on an Easter egg hunt around the garden; if you have an older child then it might be nice to have both of them hunting for eggs.  A little bit of teamwork on the older child’s part might be a nice way to help a younger sibling find their eggs.  
sugar free easter egg fillers
  1. Finger puppets
  2. Hare Bib
  3. Rabbit with Carrot sock set
  4. Felted Chick in her nest
  5. Bubbles
Alternatively you could package the eggs or the smallest member of your family in an upcycled egg carton like this one:
sugar free easter eggs

Sugar free Easter egg ideas for toddlers 

sugar free easter egg fillers

If you've got toddlers, you can start to think a bit wider about ideas for Easter egg fillers. Toddlers are such a fun age and are enthusiastic about just about everything! Here are some ideas for fillers for them. 
  1. Stickers or stamps
  2. Alphabet magnets spelling their name
  3. Chalk or Crayons 
  4. Cute Erasers
  5. Cute wooden bunny pegs
  6. Playdough
  7. Food – cute animal crackers, trail mix, fruit or fruit nuggets
  8. Bouncy balls
  9. Magic grow capsules
  10. Slime or Silly putty
  11. Toys like  cars, animal figurines, Lego figurines
  12. Balloons
  13. Hairclips 

Sugar free Easter egg fillers for kids 

Sugar free Easter egg fillers

And some lovely ideas for bigger kids... 
  1. Puzzle pieces- put the puzzle together to make sure you got all the eggs
  2. Temporary tattoos
  3. Lip Balm, Nail polish, Hair chalk
  4. Silly Bandz
  5. Friendship bracelets
  6. Shoe charms
  7. Pencil Toppers
  8. Paratroopers
  9. Jewellery
  10. Coupon
  11. Headphones

Sugar free Easter egg ideas for mums and dads

sugar free easter egg fillers

Finally, let's not forget mums and dads at Easter! I think they deserve some treats along with everyone else! 
  1. Hipster Bunny Rambo tote bag (to collect your eggs)
  2. I smell chocolate fridge magnet
  3. White Rabbit cufflinks
  4. Singing Floating egg timer
  5. Fresh Fluffy Bunny Shea Butter Hand cream
  6. Tea Cup Bunny Earrings
  7. Red Rabbit Brooch
Happy Easter, everyone! Have a great one! 
rach(copy)Rachel Richards is married, Mum to Miss 2.5, and a product Buyer for Not Socks. Her website, justalittlebitcute is Rachel's space to share cute things she finds on her online travels. She also makes cuties for markets when she has the time – this year it’s miniature fairy gardens and terraniums! 

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