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Foam Window Art


We just love window art and it is one of our favourite craft ideas for kids play time - and of course it doesn't hurt that we have an enormous wall of windows in our living room.  ;)  
Foam window art is another way to brighten up your house, and it's so fun to be able to make art on unusual surfaces like windows. Foam sheets can be purchased at most craft stores.
Our daughter loves to cut foam with her scissors, but since she's still learning the ropes of cutting shapes, she prefers to have some precut shapes to work with.  
For younger children, it's fun to practice shapes & colours with foam window art whilst older children might like building blocks or more elaborate scenes.  
To do a craft project like this, all you'll just need some precut foam shapes, and a shallow dish of water. I cut out different shaped sections of grass, stems, leaves, flower centers and coloured petals.
Your child simply dips the shape in the water and then places it on the window.  The water makes the foam stick to the glass (this also works on bathtub walls - so it's a fun thing to incorporate into baths as well)!  
Depending on how dry your house is and how often the shapes are disturbed, they can last for around 24-48 hours on glass.
Foam Window Art -

Foam Window Art -

Foam Window Art -

Foam Window Art -
Submitted by: Asia Citro (
Asia is a stay at home mum who used to be a science teacher and ran her own tutoring business. She strives to engage her children in open-ended play that encourages exploration
and fosters their creativity. She chooses activities and craft ideas that aren't cost prohibitive, so that anyone could do them at home with their children.
Edited by: Ben De Haan

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