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Upcycled Cots
It might be hard to say goodbye to the baby’s cot when they outgrow it but with these super cute upcycling ideas for cots you don’t have to!  From book nooks to drinks carts there is something for everyone to make – I can’t wait until Miss Monkey outgrows hers so I can get started on one of these easy to make projects.
For the Kids 
Start of with a little book nook. (Source)

Upcycled cot ideas -
Or just start with some book storage. (Source)
Upcycled cot ideas -

Make a desk and study space. (Source)
Upcycled cot ideas -

Or just pop up some chalkboards. (Source)
Upcycled cot ideas -

What about some handy storage for art supplies. (Source)
Upcycled cot ideas -
And then have a wee lie down on the day bed. (Source)
Upcycled cot ideas -
For the Adults
While the kids are busy Mum and Dad can head outside and start entertaining. (Source)

Upcycled cot ideas -
Or head inside to mix a cocktail (or two). (Source)

Upcycled cot ideas -
Pop outside for a picnic with some help from the wagon. (Source)
Upcycled cot ideas -
Do a spot of gardening. (Source)
Upcycled cot ideas -
And then find a quiet spot for a rest. (Source)

Upcycled cot ideas -

Submitted by: Rachel Richards (Editor of Just A little Bit Cute)

Rachel is a mum-of-one, a copywriter in training for, has fashion retail experience of 12 years and is an extrovert hiding out in an introverts body!
Edited by: Ben De Haan

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Your comments on our upcycled cots ideas feature.
Paege says ...
Oh im so going to give one of these ideas a go once our youngest grows out of the cot! :)
Sharlene says ...
I can't decide what I like more, the desk or the flower planter - will be a few years before we stop using a cot so I'll need to remember this.
Sarah says ...
Loving the day bed!!!
Becky says ...
I'm going to make the blackboards- such a good idea as it mean one each ; )
Susan says ...
Thank you Babybites for so many awesome ideas! Pity I don't have more than one cot to transform- so many cool ideas above :)
Rochelle says ...
Ooo cute idea! Can't wait until I'm done with our cot!!!
Melissa says ...
These are some pretty cool ideas! Wish i had more than one cot so i could do several things :)
Viv says ...
I want to curl up on the day bed! Just add a few more cushions and it would be a lovely place to read books with my beautiful boy!

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