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Handmade Heaven

Handmade children's products always stand out from their mass produced counterparts. With that in mind, we've trawled the globe searching out the very best handmade products for children.
our little slice of handmade heaven...

Handmade Halloween Products for Children​Handmade Halloween

Halloween products

The Americans do it, so we say lets get festive with these amazing handmade halloween products from Etsy.
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The Latest Trend

Proving little girls don't just need pink and red, these handmade peacock products for kids are gorgeous.
> peacocks

Wild Thing DressesWild Thing Dresses

Character Play Dresses

From horses to badgers and penguins to black cats, these handmade play dresses from the UK are dreamy.
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Monster March - Handmade Monster ProductsMonster March

Handmade Monsters for Boys & Girls

Monsters are back in, so we've scoped out these amazing handmade Monster products from hats to ruffle dresses and soap to onesies.
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Handmade children's winter clothesHandmade Winter

 Some of NZ's finest handmade clothes

We've picked out our favourite NZ handmade clothes for winter from
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Handmade Tooth Fairy Cushion and PillowTooth Fairy Cushions

Handmade pillows

No longer will you wake up your child whilst rooting around under their pillow looking for their tooth.
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Foxy February - Handmade fox products for childrenFoxy February

Foxes are on-trend

Move over deers, foxes are in! Our pick of the best handmade fox inspired children's products available online.
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Mee A Bee handmade children's bagsMee A Bee Sale

Up to 50% Off

Now based in Japan, NZ's Jacqui from Mee A Bee handmakes the most delightful messenger bags for children.
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Crafty Kiwis Handmade Children's ProductsCrafty Kiwis

Handmade in NZ

Here's our pick of the best handmade children's products on Etsy lovingly handmade in New Zealand...
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Down-That-Little-Lane-110Down that Little Lane

Stroll down the lane

I love finding unique little treasures...

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Handmade-Baby-110Handmade New Baby Love

Welcome to the world...

Without doubt the most gorgeous thing I have seen lately...

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Pipe-Cleaner-Craft-110Pipe cleaner crafting

Getting crafty

I have been making a concerted effort t0 get more crafty...

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Art-Stations-110Art Stations

Creating Art Heaven for your Little Ones

As if I don’t have enough beautiful paintings to deal with from Kindy...

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Happy-As-Larry-110Happy as Larry Felt Ball Mats

Happy As!

If an instant smile was my first reaction, I can only imagine...

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Bellas-Playhouse-110Bella’s Playhouse

A wonderful wendy house

I’m only sharing one simple picture of Bella’s playhouse...

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Mousehouse-Playhouse-110The Mousehouse Playhouse

Super cute renovation

Wendy houses, playhouses, whatever you would like to call them...

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Sock-Bunny-Tutorial-110Handmade Sock Bunny Tutorial

Super cute Easter idea

Looking for a chocolate free idea for Easter?  How about Sock Bunnies?...

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BB-Rainbow-Rice-110Rainbow Rice: the NZ Version!

We made it!

We had a couple of emails asking us about rubbing alcohol...

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Kids-Drawing-Duvet-Cover-110Kids Drawing Duvet Cover

From doodle to duve

This is one of the most fabulous ideas I have seen yet...

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Rainbow-Rice-110Rainbow Rice

Colourful sensory play

This is a truly awesome idea – inexpensive, easy, and hours of fun...

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Rainbow-Playdough-110Homemade Rainbow Play Dough

Get your flour out

Play dough has to be one of the best inventions ever...

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Twirl-Design-Posters-110Twirl Designs Maori Word Posters

Celebrate colour

Twirl Design and Print Studio is a Wellington based studio...

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Rubiks Cube Drawers 110Rubiks Cube Drawers

Make your own drawers

This one is for you serious DIY people...

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Lisa Storms Costumes 110Lisa Storms Handmade Costumes

Dress up baby!

While today is Halloween, it’s really not that big over here in New Zealand...

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Lily_Giggle_110.jpgHandmade Heaven: Lily Giggle

Get sewing

I spent the long weekend having a major wardrobe clean out...

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DIYGuitars_110.jpgHandmade Heaven: Make It Love It

DIY cardboard guitars

Finding fun indoors will be top of most parents’ to-do-lists...

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Silhouette-110.jpgHandmade Heaven: DIY Silhouette portraits

The step by step guide

Silhouette portraits can be funky and modern or romantic...

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MousehouseDollhouse_110.jpgHandmade Heaven: Mousehouse Dollshouse

The coolest dolls house in NZ, if not the world

Megan from Mousehouse is world famous in New Zealand...

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SweetSeat_110.jpgHandmade Heaven: Sweet Seats

A sweet seat

I was smitten with the Sweet Seat the second I saw it...

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gobennygo-110.jpgHandmade Heaven: Go Benny Go!

Go go go!

The saying life imitates art rings true for Brenda...

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LemonadeCupcake_110.jpgHandmade Heaven: Lemonade Cupcakes

When life gives you lemons…make lemonade cupcakes!

I’m in love with Dear Colleen’s quirky ‘lemons’ prints for adults...

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ArtDivine_110.jpgHandmade Heaven: Art Divine

Something for mum

I thought it was important to end our week of Craft 2.0...

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TeaPea_110.jpgHandmade Heaven: Tea Pea

Divine Bedding

Not surprisingly, one of the stalls it was hardest...

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Handmade Heaven: Tinch Design Studio

Peel & Stick

I finally got a chance to get hands on with some of the goodies...

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Handmade Heaven: Bad Animals

Sweet Sensations

The cushions from Bad Animals were one of my absolute favourites...

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Handmade Heaven: Craft 2.0

Look, love, shop

For those of you who missed the July Craft2.0 market, here’s a little snapshot...

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Handmade Heaven: Little Old Nags

The Trusty Steed

I know from experience that a simple horse head attached to a stick...

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Handmade Heaven: Up, up in dreamland

Whimsical and restful

We’re moving our lily pad household in the next fortnight...

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Handmade Heaven: Castle & Things

My Home, my Castle

My love of grey and yellow colour combos led me to Australian...

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Handmade Heaven: Fanciful Felties

Mummysam writes a book

It’s hard to find craft and pattern books that spell out...

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Handmade Heaven: Tinch Design Magnets

Alphabet Soup

Finding ABC art for your walls that looks stylish is always a dilemma...

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Handmade Heaven: Bubbalino ruffle buns

The star of the show

The star of Mary’s Market this weekend this time...

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Handmade Heaven: Easy craft sewing tutorials

A beginner’s heaven

Sewing or crafting with fabric is becoming cool again...

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Handmade Heaven: Mothers Day

To Mum, with love

Most years, the best presents from your children on Mother’s Day...

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Handmade Heaven: Stools & Chairs

Sitting Pretty

If I could, I’d joyfully have a job setting up children’s bedrooms or play rooms...

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Handmade Heaven: Easter goodies

The coolest Easter projects

The countdown to Easter also includes kindy and...

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Handmade Heaven: Upcycled Books

When Golden Books become golden treasures

What do you do when your treasured vintage books fall...

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The Art Room

Whimsical Prints

Last month (ed: March 2) was the 107th birthday of Dr Seuss...

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Handmade Heaven: Yoozoos

A mouthful of fun furriness for Yoo

Foo. Oodle. Jooniper. Gooloop and Hooper. The tongue-twister names...

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Handmade Heaven: Paul & Paula Clothing

Dressing up has never been cooler

Funky handmade Melbourne label Paul and Paula has come up...

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Handmade Heaven: ‘Handmade for Christchurch’

For the kids

‘Handmade for Christchurch’ started off as a group of crafty ladies raising money...

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Handmade Heaven: Stitchbird

Stitchbird decorates in style

Finding the perfect lamps and cushions to decorate your nursery...

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