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super yummy kids recipes... from dinner to treats, we've got it here!

frittatas for kidsHairy frittatas for kids

A delicious dinner idea 

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sconesPeapod Scones

For some holiday fun (and some sneaky greens!). 

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Creamy Harissa Slow Cooked BeefCreamy Harissa Slow Cooked Beef

The perfect winter warmer! 

A hearty winter meal that you can prepare ahead and enjoy on as a hearty dinner for the whole family. 
>Creamy Harissa Slow Cooked Beef

Mini Christmas cakesChristmas mini cakes 

Christmas recipe ideas 

These Christmas wonders make great presents for family and friends and would be excellent for gifts for teachers or workmates. 
> Christmas mini cakes

Halloween Food Ideas​Halloween Food Ideas

Easy party food ideas

Get into the Halloween spirit with our easy-to-make Halloween party food ideas including sausage mummies, scary cheese fingers and more.
> Halloween Food

Chicken and Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe​Chicken Spring Rolls

The real deal!

A great recipe that the kids will love for chicken and vegetable spring rolls with hoisin and peanut dripping sauce.
> Chicken Spring Rolls

Mini Banana Bites​Mini Banana Bites

For little hands

Perfect for a quick snack or party food, this recipe for mini banana bites are ideal for little hands!
> Mini Banana Bites

Butterscotch Pudding Kids RecipeButterscotch Pudding

Sweet but not heavy

Put a smile on your kids faces when you whip this seriously scrummy kids dessert out of the fridge.
> Butterscotch Pudding

Vegetarian Enchiladas - Easy Kids Dinner RecipeVegetarian Enchiladas

Keeping the cost of dinner low

With food prices as high as ever, use this great kids dinner recipe to keep the costs down.
> vegetarian enchiladas

Easy Kids Recipes Teriyaki SalmonEasy Teriyaki Salmon

So Good You'll Try It Again and Again

This recipe for a quick and easy Teriyaki Salmon is so good, you'll be cooking it again in no time at all.
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Allergy Free Part Food Ideas and RecipesAllergy Free Party Food

Allergy free doesn't need to be dull

Our guest contributor Amy Targett proves allergy free kids party food doesn't mean dull.
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Easy Kids Sausage Casserole RecipeEasy Sausage Casserole

Yummy Meal in No Time At All

A recipe so quick and easy that you'll have the kids dinner on the table quicker than you can say 'dinner time'!
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Cool Lunch Boxes for ChildrenCool Lunch Boxes

Treat your kids

The kids are back at school, so why not treat them to one of these super cool lunch boxes...
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Healthy Fun SnacksHealth Fun Snacks

Keeping Snack Time Fun

Most kids are grazers and thinking of ways to jazz up snack time is tricky, so take a look at these healthy fun snack ideas...
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Homemade-Ice-Cream-110Quick and easy homemade ice-cream


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Gluten-Free-Rainbow-Cake-110Gluten Free Rainbow Cake


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Rainbow-Cookies-110Rainbow Slice & Bake Cookie


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Cupcake-Poppers-119Cupcake Poppers


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Chocolate-Turtles-110Chocolate Turtle Cookies


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Lolly-Cake-110Lollycake Slice


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upside-down-banana-cake-110Upside Down Banana Cake


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Spaghetti-110Spaghetti & Meatballs


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Honey Chicken Wings 110Honey Chicken Wings


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chocolate-cakebbites110Chocolate Cake


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GingerbreadMen-110Gingerbread Biscuits


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HummingbirdCake-110Hummingbird Cake


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Rainbow-Cake-110Rainbow Cake


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Chicken_Asparagus_Pie_110.jpgEasy Chicken & Asparagus Pie


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potatofritters_110.jpgPotato Fritters


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Flourless_Chocolate_Cake_110.jpgFlourless Chocolate Cake


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MiniBananaBites_110.jpgMini Banana Bites


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Dairy & Egg Free Pancakes


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Caramel Slice


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Banana Pops


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Chocolate & Coconut Slice


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Ooooodly Noodles


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Family Friendly Risotto


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Gluten Free Banana Bread


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Egg-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Makes 16

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Banana Choc Chip Muffins

Makes 12

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Scrummy Snack Bars

Makes 16-20

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