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day 57: the teachers gift

Something sweet for the wise

29 October 2011

This year was my oldest first's year at preschool.  That leaves me with a dilemma this Christmas that I haven't had before...  What do I do about the teachers?  Are gifts expected?  I'm sure whether they are or not Little Miss will be keen to make or do something for them.  So I turned to my trusty friend google and found this fabulous download.  Little owl chocolate wrappers - they were designed to be classmate gifts, but I think that some homemade chocolates, wrapped in chocolate foil, and then in these, all presented in a bag just like the one pictured below would be perfect for the teachers too.  The best thing is that my little one will be able to help make the chocolates, wrap them, package it all up (and I'm sure add some extra decorating of her own), giving it that really personalised touch.




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