Treehouse Love

Vanessa Rehm
19 June 2012

Treehouses certainly have come a long way since I was young.  I wonder if we have forgotten the humble treehouse now that there are so many amazing Playhouses or Wendy houses out there?  Or are we afraid to let our kids climb trees so we build their playhouses safely on the ground?

Whatever the reason, I would love any of these treehouses for myself and I’m pretty sure my kids would love them too once they get a little older.  There is everything from the extravagant 5 star to the semi-humble treehouse, some even with electricity!  I can imagine hours of fun inside.  If you didn’t have the space outdoors or a garden with a large enough tree, there is also some indoor options for creating little sanctuary’s for your child, their imagination and friends to run wild.

And just because I couldn’t resist – how about this little broccoli treehouse – perhaps that could be for the fairies?












Image source credits: Apartment Therapy, Popular Mechanics, Apartment Therapy, Keeping High Hopes, Apartment Therapy, The Slow Life NC

Vanessa Rehm is a full-time SAHM who is the talent behind the gorgeous and fabulous online boutique, Bubbalino.

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