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On the go accessories for preschool or school

I used to attend a fairly casual country area school.  It was a sort of anything-goes environment.  When I changed to a city school, I was shocked that even our school bags were regulation.  I sure missed the freedom to convince my mother I needed the coolest accessories out there.

While practicality is certainly not to be knocked, there are some awesome, fun school accessories available. These can make your child's morning a little brighter when they're scuttled out the door to preschool or school despite their desire to sit with a milo on the couch watching morning TV.

Drink bottles

It's so important to keep our kids well-hydrated year round.  And you want them to know which bottle is theirs so there's no uncessary germ sharing going on.  This beautiful apple print bottle from Munch Cupboard fits the bill perfectly.
Accessories for school
How original are these Beatrix Cosy Cans available from Bubbalooz?  They use vaccum insulation to keep a drink warm or cool until it's required.  It looks like a can of fizzy drink... but you can put whatever you like in it! Made of Food-grade 18/8 stainless steel, the can is topped with a removable cap with a sealable opening for a straw. These cans are also Lead free, BPA free and phthalate free.
Accessories for school

Reduce the risk of swapping drinks and lost items, by personalising your child's drink bottle.  Available at Stuck on You, you can choose your design and have your child's name printed permanently on the plastic.
Accessories for school

Food on the go

Sure, your traditional lunch box serves a purpose.  But the innovative ways you can now have food ready to go en route with your kids make life a lot easier!  Whether you're sending them off to preschool or school with food or just wanting to keep snacks on hand for pick up time, check out some of these great products available for food on the go.

The reusable Sili Squeeze™ is an amazing Kiwi product that allows you to serve snacks like smoothies, purees and yoghurt without mess, wherever you are.  Most kids won't need mum to assist when they eat from the Sili Squeeze™, with the spill-proof, squeeze-controlled spout.  Soooo handy!  
Accessories for school

We all know how useful food pouches are for bubbas who are starting solids.  It's so covenient to be able to take these on the go – but it takes a lot of learning for small kids to be able to get the right amount out of the spout and into their mouth without some spillage. I'm always nervous about the perfect choking hazard-sized caps too. These handy little products are designed to fit the top of most food pouches, have an attached cap and give baby control over the flow of food.  Hey, if it results in less washing I'm all for it... ChooMee's Sip'n soft top retails for $14.00 for two, and you can get them from Munch Cupboard.  
Accessories for school

If you're like me, you're always trying to carry some semi-healthy (or at least ecomonical) snacks for yourself and any small children in tow whenever you leave the house.  I find keeping them in one place an invaluable time-saver... and this sort of bag is perfect for the cause.  Insulated and completely machine washable, you'll be able to use it time and again.  Available from Lunchbox Land.  
Accessories for school

Pencil cases

You might have seen the super cool 3D Mad Pax backpacks, which are the sort of thing I would definitely want to have been seen cruising around the school grounds wearing!  Did you know they make the most durable, gorgeous pencil cases too?  It's got to be so much easier finding what you're after amongst you pens and pencils with LedLox case than the oldschool version!
Accessories for school

You can personalise a pencil case for your child, with their favourite colours and/or characters, they'll want to be getting out a pencil to practice their writing every chance they get.  Check out Identity Direct for a cute range of designs to choose from.  
Accessories for school

Customise a pencil case with a photo, and your little one can be reminded of their loved ones, a pet or a favourite holiday thoughout their day.  That will be sure to bring a smile to their face.  For $24.95 you can add a photo to a pencil case through Snapfish.  
Accessories for school

Well there you go, if I was your child I'd have been trying to convince you of the need of any of these cool accessories for school and preschool!  We hope your kids enjoy them.

Sally-Mangai avatar-120x111Sally Mangai is the Community Manager for and also She has an eye for a deal and loves to look for funky deals for her son. 


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