Phil & Teds poppy

Never ones to stand still, Phil & Teds have been busy adding depth to their feeding range that already includes their versatile clip-on seats metoo and lobster and their space-age highpod high chair.

Their latest high chair, poppy will see your little one through to when they are not so little anymore by cleverly adapting from a high chair for 6 month olds, to a low lying chair for 4 year olds and on.
Phil & Teds poppy high chair

In a previous work life, I used to import high quality high chairs into NZ from around the world (Nuna Zaaz, HiLo) and having had four children in five years I also have great first hand experience of using them.

For me, a good high chair has to perform in four key areas. 

Cleaning - It has to be easily cleanable with a detachable tray that won't stain. Comfort - if the seat is hard as stone, your little one won't be happy sitting still for long. Stylish - it has to look good in your home. Big ugly plastic things are a no-no. Lifetime - it needs to last. I don't just mean wear and tear at dinner time, the chair has to offer other practical uses other than just eating.
Phil & Teds poppy high chair

With those points in hand I set about testing the Phil & Teds poppy with the following results.

Cleaning - a triple tick. The seat has no cracks or seams for food to get stuck in, is easily wiped clean and has a large detachable tray that is dishwasher safe.

Comfort - the poppy's seat is seriously comfy. The aerocore seat is super soft and spongy and I can see kids happily sitting without a sore bum in sight.

Stylish - another big tick here. The poppy looks great in all of it's modes. And with a heap of colours to chose from I'm sure it'll fit in with even the wildest of colour schemes.

Lifetime - huge tick. As well as the benefits of the seat being UV-resistant so no sun fading, waterproof and wipe clean, the poppy will easily see you through from 6 months beyond as it converts to a cute little seat.

And the best thing about the Phil & Teds poppy high chair? You get all the great benefits above, for a crazy price of only $149!

I'd say that's amazing value for money and easily the best high chair on the market when you take into consideration the practicality and the price.

Submitted by: Ben De Haan

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