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We like to sleep our children in natural, breathable fabrics.  The fabrics we like to promote are merino and cotton.  To find out more about the benefits and advantages of sleeping your baby/child on merino please read the article below.

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Safety is paramount when choosing a cot for your baby.  For a safety checklist, please read the information from The Ministry of Consumer Affairs below.

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The Sleep Store website is full of informative articles about what you need to buy to sleep your baby safely.   Please click here to visit their website.

Information from NZ Merino

Children's Sleepwear and Apparel

New Zealand Merino, January 2009

For a pdf version of this article, please click here

The suitability of New Zealand Merino fibre for children’s wear and bedding lies in Merino’s unique ability to manage key factors such as temperature and moisture that contribute to comfort and health.


Merino fibres are so fine that when pressed against the skin they simply bend, meaning there is no sensation of prickle, only softness. Merino children’s wear is primarily of knitted construction that is comfortable and resilient year round. Merino fabrics are comfortable in both warm and cool conditions due to the air pockets created within the material by the natural crimp of the Merino fibre. Air is a poor conductor of heat, and the more air trapped in the fabric the more warmth it will offer your child.

New Zealand Merino is a naturally smart fibre. Merino fibres and fabrics have the ability to absorb and release large amounts of moisture (up to 35% of its own weight). As it absorbs moisture the Merino fibre releases a small but noticeable amount of heat, preventing your child from chilling in cool conditions.

Another way in which Merino helps safeguard children’s health is through its fire resistant properties. An extremely high temperature is necessary before Merino will ignite. Additionally, it will not melt which means it will not adhere to the skin in the way many synthetics can. Even if it does catch fire Merino tends to be naturally self-extinguishing.

Some medical studies have shown that wool improves the sleep patterns of babies resulting in creased weight gain and generally improved levels of contentment. This is largely attributed to Merino’s previously noted ability to regulate heat and humidity.

The easy care nature of Merino fabrics means they are able to be readily laundered, affording a means of removing allergens or other pollutants that might accumulate in children’s wear and bedding.

Merino fabric is a very efficient absorber of potentially harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun, giving children and infants a much higher degree of protection than from similar fabrics constructed of competing materials.

Merino fibre production leaves a light footprint on the planet and is an entirely renewable resource.

Information from the Ministry of Consumer Affairs


Ministry of Consumer Affairs, December 2005

Cots are a sleeping environment for children where they can be expected to be left unattended for long periods of time. They must therefore be safe.

Safety checklist
All new and second-hand cots must meet these safety requirements:

  • The cot must be more than 500mm deep. Measure from the top of the mattress to the top of the cot side.
  • The mattress must fit the cot firmly. Any gaps at the ends and sides should be less than 20mm.
  • Spaces between the bars of the cot must be between 50mm and 85mm.
  • The four corner posts must not stick up more than 5mm.
  • The dropside catches must lock securely.
  • Screws and nails must not stick out.
  • Cot ends must not have fancy cut outs.
  • There must not be any bars, ledges or other footholds that an infant can use to climb out of the cot.
  • The base of the cot must be firm, with no parts to collapse or bend when pushed down.

What you can do
Read and follow the manufacturer’s assembly and use instructions. If in doubt, go back to the retailer for help.

Under the Fair Trading Act, your cot must comply with the safety requirements of the National Standard AS/NZS 2172. The standard can be found on the Ministry of Consumer Affairs' website. Make sure the cot you are buying meets this standard.

For a pdf version of this article, please click here.

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